Coaching Pointers

Let us learn more about coaching, this time I thought the use of words starting with P may help the lesson….

  1. Professional

Coaching is a profession. It is governed by a code of ethics, and standards of carrying out the sessions. A coach must be trained, certified and pursue continuous learning in the field of expertise. Through the International Coach Federation (ICF) framework, experience in coaching is recognised by opportunities to earn a credential. (ICF) Coaches do earn a living from the practice!

  1. Powerful questioning

A coach uses questions to draw out the best in you. You will be amazed what simple questions do to you when a professional coach uses them on you! The coach, is trained to make a simple question (for example What? With whom?, Where?, How often? etc) powerfully strike your mind to release the inner answers and solutions that take you to the next level..

  1. Progressive

Taking you to the next level! Coaching does that once you immerse yourself in it… and once you reach the desired level, you will realise that you need some more coaching to keep moving up.

  1. Partnership

You and your coach really work together to ensure you achieve your goals and expectation from the engagement. You are the expert of what you want, the coach is the expert on how to get you there.

  1. Periodical

Coaching is not a hit and run thing.. Oh no! You agree a period within which you tackle an issue until your expected outcome is achieved. You commit to regular meetings through whichever medium, and evaluate the engagement at the end of the agreed period. The engagement can take a week, a month, months , a year. A reasonable period is 4 – 6 weeks , assuming you have a coaching session each week.

  1. Whole Person

A coach will accept you as a whole person and respect what is going on in other aspects of your life, should they come up to distract the focus of the coaching engagement.

  1. Process

Coaching is a process. It has well defined steps from the start to the finish of each session as well as the complete engagement.

  1. Posterity

Coaching recognises that documentation is key for each client. Agreements for coaching engagements are made, written and signed off and kept for a duration of time after the engagement.

  1. Private

Confidentiality is critical in the coaching relationship. You can be sure that the coach will never share any aspects of your interaction, unless there is a legal requirement to do so.

I would like to hear your thoughts and questions about the above pointers!