Monday Inspiration – #Authenticity

When you are authentic, you are yourself, you come alive! That way, you impact more people positively. Which of the 11 tips below resonate with you today? My favorites are ‘Accept all of you‘ and ‘ Courage is in your future’.


Have a lovely week and do share the actions you have written with your friend, colleague, manager, coach. Follow through and see what energy it gives you!

Thank you to The Coaching Tools Company for the excellent infographic!


Today is World Gratitude Day.


Purpose to write 3 things you are thankful for today, and every day.

I am thankful for opportunities to share my knowledge, thoughts, and ideas which may help people become better each day.

Have a thankful day, will you?

How can I get focused?

Which of these 10 “Get Focused” tips most inspires YOU?

Get Focused Infographic

Do leave your views and let us engage on this subject! You may share the actions you have chosen to take as well. Have a great week!