Trust and vulnerability

I had a massage the other day.

Yes, I did. I was hesitant at first then asked myself ‘ Why not?’, and off I went.

I made all the disclaimers as I picked the towels and prepared myself for the session. When my turn came, I asked again; ‘What do I need to do?’, and meekly followed the instructions to the letter.

The session

It was set for 45 minutes. ‘ What will she be doing all that time?’ I wondered to myself while lying on my tummy. The bed was really comfortable and the background music, soothing. I chose to relax, follow her lead and enjoy the experience. I am happy to say that I was thoroughly refreshed after the session! (I had to take a power nap, though, before I set off for home. :-))

What did I learn from that experience?

This lesson came in two words that were in my mind during the massage session, and in an uncanny way, also found in #Coaching:-

Trust and Vulnerability.

Let me break it down bit by bit. 

Trust –  A coach offers to take you on a journey to help you loosen (or unlock) tight spots on your being. For that to be successful, you must trust the coach and the process they are using, and hence reap the true benefits of the coaching session. On the other hand, when you do not trust the coach, you find out that all those places that are stuck, locked, barred; really struggle to be opened, and you may never enjoy the ‘Aha!’ moments that coaching gives. In the same way that you follow the instructions during a massage session, do purpose to walk through the coaching session as you are guided by your coach. 

Vulnerability – this can be described as being totally unguarded with your heart, mind and soul; allowing yourself to be totally exposed with the objective of receiving positive results (read, joy, discovery, peace). In a massage session, you must be unguarded to the masseur, in order to help them work through those tense muscles and relax them, leaving you relaxed and energised.

Likewise, a coaching session requires you to relax in the hands of the coach. Allow yourself to answer each question openly and honestly, not holding anything back, and experience a whole fresh world of opportunities and energy, knowledge and growth.

woman relaxing relax spa  

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Trust and vulnerability are interwoven with each other. Trust your coach fully and watch yourself becoming unguarded with your own story, issues and desires. Then watch how you will unravel each issue and see solutions come through for your action. Experience how each action you complete brings you closer to achieving your desires and goals!

Do have a blessed holiday, and leave some of your thoughts in the comments, I would be delighted to continue this discussion thread with you!